Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions regarding Theodent and our products.

Theodent is an American oral care company manufacturing a revolutionary line of fluoride-free dentifrices containing Rennou as an active ingredient. Theodent is great for everyone, and our clinical research indicates it’s particularly effective at remineralizing tooth enamel and reducing hypersensitivity.

There are three toothpastes in the Theodent family.

Theodent Classic toothpaste (spearmint flavor) and Theodent Kids toothpaste (chocolate chip flavor) are available here and at dental offices, pharmacies, grocers, natural food stores, and lifestyle boutiques near you and in select international markets.

Theodent 300 toothpaste (spearmint flavor) is our clinical-strength toothpaste, similar in formulation to Theodent Classic, but with an increased concentration of Rennou, the theobromine-based active ingredient. Theodent 300 can also be found in dental offices, pharmacies, grocers, lifestyle boutiques, and in famed luxury retailers like Harrod’s in London and Tsum in Moscow. Theodent 300 is known as “the world’s finest toothpaste.

Rennou is the safe-to-swallow active ingredient in all Theodent toothpaste products. Rennou is comprised of three components: theobromine, calcium, & phosphate. Theobromine is an amazing compound with many beneficial health properties and occurs naturally in the cacao plant. The ratio of theobromine, calcium, & phosphate in our formulation is proprietary and only efficacious in a specific combination.

Clinical research indicates that Rennou is more effective than fluoride at remineralizing enamel and hardening teeth. Rennou, Theodent’s active ingredient, also has GRAS (generally regarded as safe) designation from the FDA, the highest standard in food safety.

Theodent Toothpastes are currently the only toothpastes that contain Rennou.

Commercial chocolate generally contains cocoa fat and added sugar which are cariogenic (cavity causing). Theodent’s interest in chocolate focuses only on one component of cacao, theobromine, which must first be refined into a pharmaceutical-grade pure crystalline powder before it can be evenly distributed into our toothpaste.

Fluoride has been the primary additive for commercial toothpaste for over a century. Fluoride does have a minor hardening effect on enamel, but also is harmful to other parts of your body. For a comprehensive understanding of how fluoride can be harmful to the human body, the Fluoride Action Network (  is a great resource to better understand the dangers of fluoride and systemic accumulation of fluoride in your body.

In an effort to compare the effectiveness of Theodent toothpaste to fluoride-based toothpastes, a 2013 clinical trial at the University of Texas indicated that Theodent Classic significantly out performs both fluoride-based Sensodyne NuPro5000 toothpaste and fluoride-based Colgate toothpaste, examining how quickly and completely enamel can be remineralized. Theodent’s performance vs. the standard Colgate toothpaste AND the prescription-strength Sensodyne product on remineralization measurements was compelling, indicating Theodent Classic to be the most effective of the three products. This clinical trial joins other past and ongoing research endeavors spanning decades and from multiple universities.

We all ingest varying levels of fluoride in the foods and beverages we ingest. Trace amounts of fluoride do occur naturally underground in some parts of the world. Some places in the world even add fluoride to drinking water (despite research indicating that tooth decay is falling similarly in countries that both do and don’t add fluoride to drinking water.) There is also no compelling evidence drinking water with an added dosage of fluoride even has a beneficial effect in oral health.

Theodent does not and will never contain fluoride.

Theodent works better, tastes better, and is safer that toothpastes with fluoride.

Our recommended way to brush your teeth does vary slightly from traditional tooth brushing. Twice daily, we recommend that you brush once as normal for the recommended two minute window, being sure to scrub the complete surface of each tooth. Then, spit and rinse with water, as normal, to be sure the mouth is free of food particles.

Then proceed with the “finishing brush” by placing just a small amount of additional paste on your toothbrush and brush again and cover the entire teeth surface. Then, spit out the excess foam but DO NOT rinse. The longer the remaining foam from brushing remains on the surface of your teeth, the better. Also, do not ingest food or beverages for 10 minutes after brushing.

If you intend to combine an application of Theodent toothpaste with other oral care products, like a mouthwash, be sure Theodent is your final step. Yes, use oral rinses and whitening agents before brushing with Theodent toothpaste.

All Theodent products are fluoride-free and safe if swallowed. Our active ingredient, Rennou, even has GRAS (generally regarded as safe) status from the FDA, the highest standard in food safety.

In particular, chocolate chip-flavored Theodent Kids toothpaste is a fantastic product for “kids and adults young at heart.” Theodent Kids, like all Theodent toothpastes, does not contain fluoride and is not harmful if swallowed.

ACTIVE INGREDIENT- Rennou: theobromine, calcium acetate, & sodium hydrogen phosphate

INACTIVE INGREDIENTS- purified water, hydrated silica, sorbitol, xylitol, (plant based) glycerin, sodium lauroyl sarcosinate (in Theodent Classic & Theodent 300 only), xanthan gum, titanium dioxide (non-nano particle form), citric acid, spearmint oil (in Theodent Classic & Theodent 300 only), sodium benzoate, stevia extract, sodium bicarbonate, sugar-free chocolate extract (in Theodent Kids only), and sugar-free vanilla extract

Theodent is formulated to remineralize on contact. Clinical data shows most patients see an effect from Theodent toothpaste in 3-7 days.

SLS is short for sodium laurel sulfate. Though it was common in toothpaste for decades, some people do experience rare side effects from it like skin irritation, in and around the mouth.

Theodent products are proud to be SLS-free!

Theodent Classic & Theodent 300 do contain similarly named sodium lauroyl sarcosinate, a coconut oil derived replacement to SLS that offers a pleasant foamy texture without the risk of skin irritation.

There are no animal ingredients or animal-derived ingredients in any of Theodent’s products.

Theodent products have never been and will never be tested on animals (other than humans).

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