Safe alternative to controversial fluoride

 January 4,2012,New Orleans,LA5 A naturally occurring compound found in chocolate is the active ingredient in a new toothpaste that some researchers say is the most important dental discovery of the 21st century. Theodent™ is now being sold in Whole Foods Markets and online at the company’s. website:

Theodent™ harnesses the power of Rennou™, a propriety blend that contains an extract of chocolate plus other minerals that work together to strengthen teeth. Rennou™ causes the calcium and phosphorus that is also contained in human saliva to stimulate new enamel growth. Rennou™ was discovered by a team of New Orleans researchers who found that it actually caused microscopic unit crystals of the tooth enamel to grow larger, resulting in stronger teeth.

It is the most significant discovery in the oral care industry since the advent of fluoride which was first added to toothpaste in 1914, claims Theodent™ President and Chief Executive Officer Arman Sadeghpour PhD. In studies conducted by researchers at the LSU School of Dentistry, the University of New Orleans and Tulane University, Rennou™ was found to stimulate larger unit crystal growth in tooth enamel. According to this groundbreaking research, Rennou could be the first viable non-toxic alternative to fluoride.

Rennou™ was discovered by Dr. Tetsuo Nakamoto who began researching the effect of caffeine on teeth in the 1980s. Through a series of laboratory tests, his team identified the compound that triggered enamel growth. As part of his doctoral dissertation at Tulane University, Sadeghpour confirmed that it was more effective than fluoride in human studies. The discovery has been studied by researchers at the LSU School of Dentistry, Tulane University, University of New Orleans, Marmara University Dental School, Turkey, University of Groningen, Faculty of Medical Sciences, Department of Dentistry and Dental Hygiene, Netherlands, University of Texas in San Antonio, and the American Dental Association.

“Theodent™ is the culmination of thirty years of research and its effectiveness has been verified by two issued United States patents and a third worldwide patent pending,” Sadeghpour said. “Rennou™ is a non-toxic revolutionary new additive to Theodent™ toothpaste and is FDA “GRAS” – Generally Regarded as Safe – the agency’s standard for food additives.

Theodent™ Classic ($9.99 suggested retail) hit store shelves at Whole Foods Markets during the first week of January. Theodent™ 300, an extra strength and luxury version ($99.99), for super-sensitive teeth, will be marketed to select cosmetic dentists and medical professionals.

Theodent™ is available online at and also at Whole Foods Markets in 20 states and Canada including Ontario and British Columbia. It is available in Whole Foods Markets in: Arizona, Arkansas, California, Connecticut, Hawaii, Illinois, Indiana, Louisiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, Oklahoma, Oregon, Texas, Washington, Wisconsin.

Despite the fact that it is an extract of chocolate, Theodent™ has a fresh, minty taste and does not taste like chocolate. “Theodent™ does not contain sugar or cocoa fat and bears no resemblance in taste to chocolate candy,” Sadeghpour stated. It is safe for adults and children of all ages.

For more information visit the company’s website: . Facebook: Twitter: @theodent Youtube:

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