Luxury Oral-Care

When celebrities are asked about their personal grooming habits, they often cite Marvis as their preferred toothpaste. But this beloved Italian brand is facing competition in the luxury mouth-freshening department.


Hello, a new oral-care company, was started by Craig Dubitsky, the co-founder of EOS lip balm, with the intention of creating mild-feeling but perky toothpastes (and mouthwashes) without alcohol or artificial sweeteners. Flavors include Mojito Mint, Pink Grapefruit Mint and Supermint. The tube is rigid, eliminating the age-old marital fight over whether to roll or squeeze. ($5.99,


Swissdent Crystal Repair and Whitening Toothpaste, a fluoride- and mineral-free paste, is said to regenerate tooth enamel, reduce sensitivity and brighten teeth. The formula contains the fruit enzyme papain as well as zinc, both of which are intended to fight plaque. ($27.50,


The crucial ingredient in Theodent 300 Whitening Crystal Mint, a pricey toothpaste, is Rennou, a patented mineral derived from cacao, which the manufacturer says will stimulate the growth of tooth enamel. ($99.99,