Goop's Holiday Gift Guide Is Very Goop-esque, Down to the $120 Toothpaste

By Theresa Avila

Goop’s holiday gift guide is admittedly a little ridiculous. (Hey, the headline says it all, “The Ridiculous, But Awesome Gift Guide.”) But nestled amid the $8,300 yurt modelled on the traditional Mongolian dwellings and the artsy $5,000 Jeff Koons “Split Rocker Vase,” there are some practical, everyday toiletry items. For instance, there’s a $2,500 BlackBlade razor individually marked with its serial number (there are only 101 worldwide). And then, of course, there’s the $120 Theodent 300 toothpaste. Guys, toothpaste is about as practical as it gets. (Socks come in a close second.)

According to its description on Amazon, the Theodent 300 is a fluoride-free whitening paste with an enamel-building formula called Rennou. Now who can argue against something that literally rebuilds enamel? Never mind that it’s more than 30 times the price of any other 3.4-ounce drugstore toothpaste brand. But hey, ridiculous can be awesome, too!

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