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Dental Research: Theobromine, the Chocolate-Based Active Ingredient in Theodent™ Toothpaste, Works Better Than Fluoride to Strengthen Teeth

A study published in the highly respected dental journal, Caries Research, confirmed what the inventors of Theodent(TM) toothpaste have been saying all along: that theobromine, an all-natural and organic compound found in chocolate, re-mineralizes and hardens tooth enamel at a greater rate than fluoride. The finding is significant because theobromine is the active ingredient in Rennou,(TM) the patented chocolate extract contained in Theodent(TM) toothpastes. The full article may be viewed at this link:

The peer-reviewed study was authored by Dr. Ben Amaechi, an associate professor and director of cariology in the department of comprehensive dentistry at the UT Health Science Center at San Antonio. The study investigated the enamel strengthening potential of theobromine by examining its ability to repair or re-mineralize weaknesses in tooth enamel that can ultimately develop into cavities.

The study measured the micro-hardness of the enamel surface of human teeth after treatments with fluoride and theobromine. It found that theobromine increased the size of the apatite crystals which form tooth enamel. Larger crystals strengthen enamel making teeth less vulnerable to bacterial acid erosion which can eventually lead to tooth sensitivity, cavities and decay.

“This peer-reviewed study, conducted by one of the world’s foremost authorities on caries research, validates the potential of Rennou(TM) to ultimately replace fluoride in commercial toothpastes,” said Arman Sadeghpour, PhD., Theodent chief executive officer. “The study’s implications are significant and potentially disruptive for the oral care industry since theobromine is safe to swallow while all fluoride toothpastes still carry FDA mandated “do not swallow” warning labels,” he said.

In February, Theodent launched Theodent(TM) Kids, a new chocolate-flavored version that is gentler than Theodent(TM) Classic and its luxury counterpart Theodent(TM) 300. Theodent(TM) Kids sells for $9.99 and available for sale on the company’s website,, at select Whole Foods Markets in the United States and Canada, and Raley’s Markets in California.

Dr. Amaechi’s work confirms the efficacy of theobromine and its use as a “safe to swallow” alternative to controversial fluoride. The Caries Research study calls for further human clinical studies to exploit the benefit of theobromine in both oral hygiene and caries-preventive products. Theodent Chief Scientific Officer, Dr. Tetsuo Nakamoto says “those studies are not far behind.”

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