‘Chocolate toothpaste’ in a tube

New Orleans-based Theodent makes toothpaste that successfully substitutes for fluoridea blend of minerals including cocoa bean extract.

By: Pat Reynolds

The ‘chocolate toothpaste” is housed in a sophisticated tube from World Wide Packaging whose angular shape and shallow depth afford a sleek yet professional appeal. The tube is a five-layer coextrusion that includes EVOH. The head of the one-piece tube is triangular in shape, with dramatic hard edges punctuated by one of the most complex caps ever commercially produced. The injection molded polypropylene cap includes a flexible plug that, when closed, squeezes into the tube’s orifice. Its pintle then expands slightly for an especially tight seal. The cap also has an aluminum overshell.

Available at select Whole Foods Markets, Theodent offers an alternative to consumers concerned about the risks of ingesting fluoride. Though its formula relies on cocoa bean extract to achieve a level of tooth cleaning equal to fluoride products, the toothpaste has a traditional mint taste as opposed to a chocolate flavor.


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