Chocolate Toothpaste = Happy Valentine’s Day!

By: Katie Sowa

Today is the day you’ll rejoice with your significant other or feel as if this day serves as a reminder that you are in fact still single. No matter which side you relate to, it’s hard to deny the fact you grabbed those sweet chocolate Dove hearts on your last grocery trip. No matter how much Valentine’s Day propaganda embellishes the shelves of your local Wal-Mart, the holiday does serve as a way to celebrate all the love you have in your life (including dentistry)!

Some guys and gals may spend tons of money on flowers, cards, stuffed animals and other trinkets, while others may take a completely different approach and buy toothpaste.

Yes, toothpaste. Chocolate toothpaste, that is.

A company called Theodent is marketing a chocolate-based toothpaste sold online and at Whole Foods.

Running under this slogan: “Question: What do a dozen roses, a regretful cooking for dual and a tube of toothpaste have in common? Answer: If a toothpaste is Theodent™ chocolatebased toothpaste, they could make your Valentine’s Day a sweetest ever,” Theodent launched the toothpaste a week ago in hopes to make profit for the lovers’ day.

The New Orleans based toothpaste garnered press for its development over four years ago but only recently hit the shelves. A 2008 Men’s Health article described the toothpaste as “more effective than fluoride”. According to the company’s website, this discovery came by complete accident, as the researchers at Tulane University found a chocolate extract similar in structure to caffeine by stimulating the growth of new enamel.

This sounds pretty crazy to those of us just starting out our dental education! Have no fear, more tests are in the process as Theodent does not adorn the coveted ADA seal of approval. Out of curiosity, I hit up Whole Foods in Houston to check out this $10 toothpaste. I substituted my normal toothpaste the past few days for this chocolate-based concoction. My verdict: This tastes nothing like Dove chocolates.


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