Chocolate Leads to Toothpaste Breakthrough

Theodent, LLC, a New Orleans-based company, has recently introduced a groundbreaking dentifrice marketed under the Theodent brand. Surprisingly, chocolate has played a prominent role. CEO and then-doctoral candidate in bioinformatics at Tulane University, Dr. Arman Sadeghpour, found that theobromine (marketed by the company under the Rennou™ name), an extract of cocoa that is very similar in structure to caffeine, outperforms fluoride in building healthier teeth. The American Dental Association Foundation has independently confirmed that Rennou protects human enamel better than fluoride.

This represents a truly revolutionary advancement in dental care as the first alternative to fluoride in over 100 years. Unlike its fluoride-based counterparts, Rennou is non-toxic and not harmful if swallowed, making it safe for children and adults alike. One caveat worth mentioning: if you’re expecting a chocolate-flavored toothpaste, you will be sorely disappointed. Theodent—offered in two versions, Theodent Classic and extra-‐strength Theodent 300—features a peppermint flavor.

Locally, Theodent is available in all Whole Foods stores. Additionally, Sacramento-based Raley’s, with stores mostly in northern California and Nevada, recently picked up the brand. Theodent 300 is only available through select dental and medical offices as well as on Theodent’s website. According to Sadeghpour, future brand extension plans include mouthwash, children’s toothpaste and “prescription strength” tooth strengthening gels.

Like many breakthrough products such as Corn Flakes®, Post-it® Notes and Silly Putty®, the remarkable effect of Rennou was discovered accidentally. Dr. Tetsui Nakamoto, a company founder and mentor to Sadeghpour, was studying the effect of caffeine on pre-natal teeth when he noticed that while caffeine had an adverse effect on teeth, Rennou enhanced the strength of teeth.

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