1,000 Points of Light: Russia's Top Theodent Toothpaste Retailers

Theodent Toothpastes have been popular in Russia since 2013. Now, Theodent has found its way to the country's premiere retailers in the chicest and historic parts of Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Sochi, and elsewhere. We'd like to point out two of the most fascinating Theodent retailers anywhere in the world. TSUM (sūm) & GUM (gūm) are both very historically and culturally significant places in Russia. 

TSUM (www.tsum.ru) is grandiose. This freestanding store is in a six-story historical Gothic Revival style building on Petrovka Street at Theatre Square in the Tverskoy District of central Moscow. 

Equally as impressive is Theodent's presence in a chic store named "Articoli" (www.articoli.ru) in the larger GUM complex. GUM, adjacent to Moscow's Red Sqaure, is historic in its own right. 

This history of this building dates back centuries. By the time of the Russian Revolution of 1917, the building contained some 1,200 stores. After the Revolution, the GUM was nationalized. During the NEP period (1921–28), GUM as a State Department Store operated as a model retail enterprise for consumers throughout Russia regardless of class, gender, and ethnicity. 

GUM continued to be used as a department store until Joseph Stalin converted it into office space in 1928. Interestingly, after the death of Stalin's wife Nadezhda in 1932, the GUM was used briefly to display her body.

After reopening as a department store in 1953, the GUM became one of the few stores in the Soviet Union that did not have shortages of consumer goods, and the queues of shoppers were long, often extending entirely across Red Square.

At the end of the Soviet era, GUM was partially, then fully privatized. In May 2005, a 50.25% interest was sold to Boxco di Ciliegi, a Russian luxury goods distributor and boutique operator. As a private shopping mall, it was renamed in such a fashion that it could maintain its old abbreviation and thus still be called GUM. However, the first word Gosudarstvennyi ("state") has been replaced with Glavnyi ("main"), so that GUM is now an abbreviation for "Main Universal Store".

Today, the grandeur of this Red Square adjacent façade remains as opulent and beautiful as ever. 

Purchase Theodent Toothpaste in premiere retailers today across Russia. 


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