Apatite-Forming-Systems: Methods and Products

US Patent 6,183,711 (B1)
Inventors: Tetsuo Nakamoto, William B. Simmons, Jr., Alexander U. Falster
Methods comprise contacting apatite-forming-systems with partially alkylated xanthines. The methods include pharmaceutical applications of partially alkylated xanthines to mitigate the effects of hard tissue diseases. Products comprise apatite formed from apatite-forming-systems contacted with partially alkylated xanthines.

Letter From The CSO

Why Theodent’s toothpastes are so revolutionary and unique: Bye-Bye Fluoride!

The dietary habits of various foods and drinks in our daily lives have an important implication on our own health. The mouth (oral cavity) is the beginning of the digestive tract and its health represents the health of the whole person...

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