Methods and compositions to improve mechanical resistance of teeth.

PCT Patent Application WO2011100671
Inventors: Arman Sadeghpour, Tetsuo Nakamoto
Provided are compositions and methods for preventing dental caries, as well as aqueous compositions and methods for improving the mechanical strength of teeth.

Compositions containing theobromine and their use in treating tooth hypersensitivity

PCT Patent Application WO2013/191763
Inventors: Arman Sadeghpour, Tetsuo Nakamoto
The present disclosure relates to dental sensitivity treatment compositions that contain theobromine and the uses thereof. Uses include dentine sensitivity or hypersensitivity, and effective occlusion of dental tubules.

Products of Apatite-Forming-Systems

US 5919426 A
Inventors: Tetsuo Nakamoto, William Bruce Simmons, Jr., Alexander U. Falster
Products comprise apatite formed from apatite-forming-systems contacted with partially alkylated xanthines.
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