What is Theobromine?
Theobromine is the extract for which the cacao tree was named: genus/species theobroma cacao. It is the extract from chocolate that gives chocolate its name. “Theo” the Greek root for 'God' and “broma” the Greek root for 'Food'…so quite literally Chocolate, and this particular extract, is known as “food of the Gods”.

What does it taste like?
Although Rennou™ comes from the part of chocolate that makes it bitter, we’ve masked it with our flavoring called: Whitening Crystal Mint. It tastes minty and refreshing and doesn’t burn the sensitive oral tissue like most commercial toothpastes on the market. Since Theodent 300 is our extra strength formulation, you may experience a slight bitter aftertaste. Don’t fret…just know that RennouÔ is working on the surface of your teeth to bolster your enamel strength that much better. Remember the bitter…the better!

Is this safe for children?
Absolutely! Isn’t chocolate safe for children? This product is, in fact, a wonderful alternative to traditional toxic fluoride therapies in the marketplace and ideal for parents that are particularly concerned with fluoride exposure to their children. Theodent is also ideal for those individuals with a sensitive oral cavity. Theodent™ is not, however, recommended for pets. Pets should never be given chocolate or its extracts in any form, especially dogs.

Is this FDA approved?
We have GRAS status. Generally Recognized as Safe by expert toxicologists, which is the method by which food additives are approved. The FDA recognizes GRAS.
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